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Systems - Implemented

Sorters / Conveyors

It is one of the most cost-efficient system to sort all types of products and packages.

Pallet Dispenser

Equipment designed to store and dispense empty pallets automatically.

Voice Picking

Voice picking or voice-directed warehousing, pick by voice, and speech-based picking, is a paperless, hands-free, and eyes-free system that employs easy-to-understand voice prompts to direct warehouse operators to picking locations and instructs them on picking tasks.

Pick to Light

The “Pick to Light” or “Put to Light” systems is a visual-picking operation where the information of the product is selected by means of a touch screen.

Carousels (VLM)

Vertical storage system that optimizes operation within a reduced area. Fully automated and with computerized inventory control.


“A shaped” dispenser of products capable of completing multiple orders at a high rate and accuracy ideal for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

Satellite Carts

Semi-autonomous carts travelling inside high density storage racks ideal for cold or frozen applications such as foods.

Autonomous Moving Robots (AMR)

These robots have capability to perform tasks such as transport, recovery, storage and classification.

Hands-free scanner

RF integrated gloves for hand- free operation.

Handheld dimensioner

Handheld dimensioner for irregular packages with online connection to end-user WMS or ERP system, ideal for postal and packaging.