About us

Commercial ally facilitating business by providing support and reliability.


IRC opens the Latin American market to international companies that are looking for a safe and reliable way to introduce and sell their equipment with less risk. IRC coordinates and supports the sale of material handling equipment and systems internationally. As a fully bilingual and multicultural company with many years of experience in the material handling business, we are a business ally of the end user, representing manufacturers. IRC builds trust between both parties, offering businesses peace-of-mind and technical support. IRC is not limited to the roll of a sales agent, but a strong long-term business ally.
We represent a wide range of respected, international equipment manufacturers – each one specializing in their respective areas. We act as a support team throughout South America to meet the time sensitive needs of our clients.

John Stahl, Founder and CEO of IRC, was born and raised in South America and currently resides in the USA. John and his team offer an excellent international business relationship between companies, building strong long-term relationships between multinational suppliers and clients in diverse industries.
IRC builds trust between business parties, offering technical support and peace of mind.
IRC is not only a sales agent but a long-term, business ally.